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Founder and Chief Executive Officer



      Mr. Jonathan Pope has had the unique opportunity to work for the District of Columbia government for over twenty-seven (27) years with sustaining experience in operational management, organizational development, budget allocation, government procurements, contract proposals, strategic planning, risk mitigation, process improvement, complex problem solving, situational leadership, data collection/interpretation and performance management.


       Mr. Pope has also created and operated two (2) youth mentoring programs; The STEM Mentoring Program and Evolution Partners program, respectively. These community programs exposed and taught young underprivileged inner city boys and girls: good decision making, confidence, self-worth, situational etiquette, free tutoring, career opportunities, intern opportunities. These youth experienced National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Football League (NFL) live games for the first time in their lives. I worked closely and in partnership with the dedicated parents, civic leaders, community violence interrupters, government social workers and agency directors while executing these programs. 


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